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  • Architectural design - floor plans and elevations

  • Construction drawings

  • Job estimate

  • Shell construction: walls and roof

  • And we show you how to be an Owner-Builder so you can:

    • secure building permits,

    • specify products,

    • hire and manage subcontractors,

    • keep proper cost controls,

    • deal with building inspectors and all the necessary functions to successfully complete your home addition.

We are your "Building Partner".

"The delivery time of the proper materials with minimal confusion and mishaps serves as a direct testimonial to your oganization's conscientious efforts and value-added service. Your assistance in the selection of the various contractors also proved to be a real plus thorughout the process. Your patience is also well noted as I'm sure the number and nature of my inquiries must have started to wear a bit thin at times."

Francis C.



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